30 Days of Intention

An e-book of 30 written intentions to guide you on a journey of returning to truth, acceptance, delight, and peace in the season you’re in.

Written and designed by Christina Hutson

Preview of the 30 Days of Intention e-book

Preview of the 30 Days of Intention e-book


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The story of this project:

I started writing these intentions almost five years before completing the project. It was a therapeutic way of creating a daily space of rest through words.  The past five years of my own journey have held a lot of beauty and blessing, and also a significant share of pain and suffering. So in a lot of ways, these intentions encapsulate the daily whispers of truth from the Spirit that guided me to abide and carry onward through each mountain and valley.

Since the first penned words onto my journal page years ago, I’ve compiled 30 of these intentions, edited, formatted, designed, and created them into a 30 day journey to invite you into.  My hope that they’ll be a safe space of rest and a daily encounter with more truth, intention, and joy in whatever your current season holds.

What is a daily intention?

Each day’s intention is a short 1-3 minute read, written by Christina and custom designed with imagery on a pdf.  Find a quiet space to sit with the words, and if any phrase stands out to you, be encouraged to let it sink into your heart for a few extra moments as an anchor for your day.  

What will you receive?

Once purchased, you’ll receive a pdf file containing all 30 written and designed intentions. You’ll also have the option to choose a “start date.” Once you pick your date, you’ll receive day 1 of the intentions in your email inbox on that day, day 2 on the following day, etc, throughout the completion of 30 days. This allows you to start your own 30 day journey whenever is best for you, with the convenience of having the daily pdf delivered right to your inbox each morning.

I hope this project ministers to you in a unique way, pours fresh water into your heart, and guides you into deeper peace, acceptance, and joy as you journey valiantly through the mountains and valleys of your own story.

All of my love and light,

*Please note that while I keep most of my content open for individual interpretation so that all feel welcomed, some but not all of these intentions refer directly to Biblical scripture, as that is what I fully believe to be the wellspring of truth. Whether you consider yourself a Christian or not, I’ve created these with the intent of truths that will resonate with the reader on whatever path you find yourself currently.

What People are Saying:

“These daily intentions have refocused my distracted soul and reminded me of virtues that truly matter.” -Reader

"Each intention is absolutely beautiful visually and in word." - Reader