3 Week Wholeness course

I created this course for YOU.

Because I want you to know 3 of the most critical components to your wholeness so that you can come more fully alive physically and emotionally for the life you’ve been called to.

The world sends a lot of confusing messages doesn’t it? But we’re going to dive into some core truths about your physical body and your identity so that you can gain clarity, freedom, and greater health.

You don’t have to feel stagnant in your physical health, frustrated in your mind, or pulled between a zillion conflicting sources that tell you who you should be, how to eat, or what a healthy lifestyle looks like. Let’s dig into truths that will withstand the test of time shall we? Here’s what you’ll gain….

Knowledge. I’m going to empower you with knowledge about the inner workings of your body so that you can begin to revive your physical health. Simple, practical facts and strategies.

Empowerment. I’m going to give you tools so that you can restore your relationship with your body, working with her instead of battling against her. (Because constantly fighting with the body we live in is exhausting isn’t it?)

Clarity. I’m going to guide you in releasing thoughts that aren’t serving you so that you can live in alignment with what you value most. (Your life is far to precious and powerful to waste it serving toxic thoughts).

In this 3 week course, we’ll cover topics ranging from immunity, gut health, and intuitive eating, to diet-culture lies, releasing toxic thoughts, and aligning your life with your core values.

Sounds great, so what’s the catch?….
There isn’t one…..This is material that I use with 1 on 1 clients, but I wanted to find a way to teach it in a consolidated form, and in a way that’s accessible to you financially whether you’re a college student or a CEO. So I created this virtual course, which will run quarterly with a limited amount of spots, and will be accessible whether you can pay $0 or $300. There’s a seat for you at the table friend, more healing and wholeness is waiting.

Here’s what a few others said after completing the course…..

“My biggest take away was learning about my cravings…I learned so much about my body and it’s already impacted my health, helped me understand my body, and make healthier choices.”

“Since completing the course, my mindset is stronger in the midst of hurdles.  I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in improving their lifestyle or health.”

“Learning how to eat more intuitively has been so freeing and helped me let go of restriction.  I have more grace for myself when I mess up now and I’m making changes that benefit my health!”

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– Christina


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