Intentions for Your Day

An Intention for Your Day

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Take 3 minutes to settle your body, connect with your breath, and absorb the truth.  Some of these intentions have references to Biblical scripture - I believe that whichever doctrine you adhere to personally, these texts will resonate truth.  

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“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and to be loved in return” -Eden Abhez


You’re not in a rush.

The hustle can wait.

The only thing that speeds up time is running through it.  The only thing that slows it down is sitting in it. The way it loses meaning is if your hands forget to open, your heart forgets to love.

So today friend, may you choose what matters most. The hug around your shoulders, the way the light cascades through the clouds before it says farewell, the lingering through one more conversation with a loved one.  

You’re not in a rush.

The hustle can wait.