Dear Body: We aren't in a rush.

These “Dear Body” posts are a series of notes that I’m sharing with the hope that parts of it will resonate as a whisper to YOUR own body.  No matter where you are or where you've been in your health or heart, your body is good.  Actually, it's amazing.  And I hope these posts remind you to celebrate and befriend the gift of being alive.  Because it's from a place of love that you're able to truly take care of your beautiful body in a way that leads further into the wholeness you were uniquely created for.  


Dear Body,

I get caught up in your broken pieces.  I get angry at you when you don’t act how I want you to, when you don’t heal as fast as I think you should, when I feel like you’re impossible to please.  I cry when you ache in pain despite every attempt to fix you.  I distance myself from you when you scream too loud.

Body, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry for focusing on the brokenness and not the wholeness.  You are fighting so hard and you have come SO far.  The full extent of what you’ve been through, only you and I truly know.  I see you.  I love you.  And I’m not going to leave you.  One baby step at a time, we’ll keep walking into the light.  You were made to thrive.  You ARE thriving. 

Body, thank you.  Thank you for your relentless courage to keep going.  Thank you for how far you've come.  Thank you for fighting through change, exams and doctors, pestilence, dietary changes, things that hurt more than helped, days of trial and error, oppression that we didn’t ask for.  Thank you for keeping me warm.  Thank you for releasing tension through tears.  Thank you for telling me what you need through symptoms and intuition.  Thank you for giving my mind the ability to study and understand your mysteries.  Thank you for absorbing nutrients again, for overcoming countless symptoms, for the physical stamina to move and sweat and carry groceries and laugh and sing.  Thank you for creating new cells, restoring hormones, teaching my mind to trust again, and restoring balance.  Thank you for the healing that I've gotten to witness through you. 

Body, we aren’t in a rush.  We’ll get there.  Together.  One day at a time.  I’ll sit with you on hard days.  I’ll dance with you on good days.  I’ll celebrate you always. 

You are good.  You are safe.  You are enough.