The Most Important Thing to Do for Your Health


The golden ticket.  We all want it don't we!?  That thing that will instantly transform your body or mind?  The secret tip.  You and I both know there isn't one, BUT there is one thing that I believe is CRUCIAL to implement if you desire more health and wholeness....


It might sound way generic, or annoying because you were hoping for a special smoothie elixir or a miracle bath bomb, but stick with me.  The number one thing to master in order to restore your body, mind, or spirit, is listening.  To your emotions, and to your body.  Not to someone else, not to Google searches, not to product or program testimonials.  You have to start with YOU.  

You can’t get anywhere if you don’t know where you're at. 

There might be guides and specialists and articles that help you along the way, and that’s so good, they've been critical in my own life for sure.  That’s the very reason I (and most people in the health and wellness industry) create content, in hopes that you’ll experience a new revelation that will cause a tiny shift towards pulling you more into the life you were created for.  But ultimately, there are questions that have to be answered first, and they can only be answered by you, for you.  

The questions below are super helpful in getting honest with yourself, and in doing so, bring about some clarity as to what your next best steps are, whether you need a mentor, a doctor's assessment, or a banana. 

You aren’t stuck.  You aren’t caught in a fog.  You aren’t a victim of hopelessness. 

If you let yourself get quiet enough to honestly answer these questions, you’ll hear the whisper that'll guide you towards your next summit.  

-How am I feeling physically right now?

-What does my body need? 

-Assuming that it’s non-negotiable that I give my body that, how can I make it happen? 

-How am I feeling emotionally right now?

-What does my heart need?

-Assuming that it’s non-negotiable that I give myself that, how can I make it happen?

I truly hope you set aside some time to sit with these questions.  They help m e DAILY.  Once you gain clarity, commit to doing the next best thing.  Imagining the big picture can feel SO overwhelming, such as going from anxious to peaceful, or from sick to well.  But honing in on where you're at right now, and then just making the next best step, will be what builds the bridge that crosses you safely over the abyss.  One step at a time.   You've got this.