testimonials from previous clients

“Before working with Christina, I was struggling with comparison, obsessing over my looks, dislike of my body, and bad eating habits.  I felt like a constant failure.  Having such a negative view of myself was consuming my life and effecting my relationships.  I was very hesitant to start working with Christina because I wasn’t sure the investment would be worth it and I was afraid of failure.  But I decided to say yes.

During my time with Christina, she helped me get to the core of where my obsessive thoughts and my idea of failure and comparison were coming from.  I was finally able to break through barriers and speak against the lie of “not being good enough.” Christina also helped me implement practical tips to boost my metabolism and increase my health rather than going on a “diet.”  

After completing the program, I no longer feel obsessed with comparison or how I look.  I don’t hate my body anymore.  I feel more ready than ever to prove to myself that I am not the person those lies said I was and to speak against them in order to continue to grow.  I understanding what foods are helpful for me and I feel more confident and eager to pursue a healthy future. 

If you need a better understanding of health and fitness without being consumed by diets, or if you’re struggling with negative thoughts about yourself that are affecting your life, you should reach out to Christina.  She is so understanding, easy to talk to, and encouraging. She’ll walk you through your thought process to make you really think about what is going on. She is very knowledgeable on nutrition and what is best for each person’s body.  

Before this program, I’d tried so many times to change my habits, eat better, and love my body….nothing had worked.  But now I can say I am SO happy I chose to pursue this program. I am not the same woman I was 6 months ago when I started and it is all thanks to my sessions with Christina.” - Kristi *Wholeness Program Client 

“Before working with Christina, I was struggling with reoccurring negative thoughts about my physical appearance that hindered my confidence personally and professionally.

Through sessions and weekly practices, I was able to shift my mindset and behavior towards self-care, and I started practicing the truth that my body is my friend and life is worth living in all circumstances. I also grew in respecting my own limits and learned that my body is not an indefinite resource that I can just yell at. 

Christina helped me identify forms of exercise that I love and can do regularly, and dietary shifts that are best for my body. I began to prioritize creating a more beautiful space for myself, choosing gratitude and mindfulness, and recognizing and countering negative thoughts. 

I made a lasting commitment to partner with my body instead of fight it, and now I feel braver to encounter the world fully as myself in the body that I have. 

Christina is professional, empathetic, and committed to helping her clients discover what will work best for them. I would recommend her as a coach to any woman, especially if you need to dismantle unnecessary shame that holds you back. - Joy *Wholeness Program Client

 “Before working with Christina, I felt like I was struggling with everything. I wasn’t able to express my emotions in a healthy way or stay focused on what matters most. I was obsessing over my body and wasn’t able to accept my weight.

While working with Christina, the freedom with which I was accepted and given space to decompress was literally life changing. She opened her heart to my emotions and my life as it unraveled and then helped me piece it back together. I learned the importance of my emotional health and self-care and gained a well rounded understanding of nutrition and movement.

After completing the program, I feel so much more content with who I am and my inner dialogue has completely changed. The way I think about myself and the lens that I receive other peoples opinions through, has totally changed. I think about my weight and my image so differently now. I don’t own a scale and probably never will again. THAT IS MASSIVE. Now I know that my whole health is essential to setting the environment that I want my family to live.

Christina is kind, gentle, knowledgeable, caring, loving, intentional, and invested. I would recommend her as a coach to women who are not satisfied with any aspect of their health, and who are looking to take better care of themselves.” - Kelli *Wholeness Program Client

“Before working with Christina, I was struggling with time management, balance, and prioritizing my own needs.

During the 6 month program, I let go of expectations that didn’t serve me and started living for what matters most in my life. I learned to value my needs and prioritize them while also being more whole fore those around me. Christina also gave me healthy, practical meal ideas and helped me to build routines for a balanced diet and lifestyle. I gained back a  healthy and fast metabolism and my energy in my day to day life increased!

Since completing the program, now I feel more alive and productive, more compassionate towards myself, and more content. I now know that it doesn’t have to be either or…I can take care of myself AND live a giving, productive life.

As a coach, Christina is extremely motivational without being pushy, relatable, gracious, and kind.  She is uniquely invested for each individual client and she always made me feel heard and understood. 

If you are struggling with self-image or confidence, want to find renewed perspective, take better care of yourself, and regain your freedom physically or emotionally, you should definitely reach out to Christina!

I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer in my life to do this program.  I am confident that I will be a better teacher, mother, wife, and woman for the rest of my life! Thank you so much, Christina!” - Kari *Wholeness Program Client

"Before starting the 6 Month Wholeness Program, I was struggling with my weight, unhappiness, depression, and my overall self worth.  During my time working with Christina, I felt encouragement and peace and genuine support.  I know that I will return to the tools she gave me many times whenever life gets off balance. 

I could confide in Christina, share my deepest fears and ambitions, and know she wouldn't judge me and was on my side. 

Upon completing the program, now I feel more whole than I’ve ever felt in my life. I feel more completely myself and brave enough to feel good about being me. I feel more empowered to take steps towards my goals in every aspect of my life instead of being defeated by things I am not in control of. 

I would recommend Christina as a coach to women who are facing life issues they feel are too big conquer alone. Anyone who feels defeated or apathetic, unsure how to move forward towards wholeness and health in their lives and nutrition."  -Jasmine *Wholeness Program Client

"During the last 6 months of working with Christina, I have seen my wife grow in freedom, redemption, and wholeness!

Prior to my wife's work with Christina, she felt like a slave to food and very much so trapped in her own body. This led to hope deferred concerning physical fitness and an excessively restrictive diet.

After journeying with Christina, my wife now feels empowered to listen to her body, equipped emotionally to steward and bless her temple, and inspired to rule righteously over food. 

Christina has equipped my wife with affirmative vocabulary, indispensable knowledge, and long awaited clarity on the heavenly approach and application of health and wellness; not merely bifurcating fitness into the physical category alone, but becoming a whole person. Christina has literally been an answer to decades of prayer." -Kelton *Husband of a Wholeness Program Client

"Before starting the 6 Month Wholeness Program, I was struggling with A LOT...food allergies, body image issues, hated cooking, inflammation, fatigue, boundaries in relationships, getting sick frequently, mood swings, stress management, and on and on and on...After working with Christina, I now feel stronger, emotionally healthy, more awake and alert than ever before, happier, can handle stress more easily, have better boundaries and know how to prioritize based on my core values. 

Christina taught me how to nourish my body and move it with intention without feeling deprived, and that food really is our first source of medicine and prevention.  She helped me to heal my gut and after 6 months I was able to start eating things that I had been intolerant to in the past! 

Christina helped me realize that life doesn’t have to be a battle; it’s not something to be conquered but journeyed.  She empowered me to throw out, unfollow, and release anything that makes me question ANYTHING about my beauty.  Now I feel confident that I can move through resistance, no matter how long it takes and I can be gentle with myself, because my wholeness matters.  Now I realize the value of who I always was, and am, right now, in this moment.  I couldn’t have imagined how good I’d feel in 6 short months; spiritually, emotional and physically. 

I'd recommend working with Christina if you are facing any roadblock in your life.  If she can’t get you through it, she’ll show you a way around it, over it, under it, or that it’s not even a road block worth your time, and show you a different route.  Christina's wisdom and understanding are barrier breakers. Her knowledge and mentorship comes from a place of deep intention and personal reflection. She’s experienced the struggles first hand and speaks from a place of honesty and transparency. Her guidance has been invaluable, and she’s taught me things I’ll carry with me forever." -Randi *Wholeness Program Client

"Before starting the 6 Month Wholeness Program, I felt stuck, like I couldn’t make progress on my own.  Christina worked with me through the emotional and mental issues that were affecting my choices.

Now I feel like I have the tools to return to when I feel stuck or have a relapse.

I would recommend Christina as a coach to anyone who is looking to live a full life and understand the true meaning of health."  -Rachelle *Wholeness Program Client

"Christina’s class was such a special place that I looked forward to each week. Christina is calm, positive and passionate about her work and the success of others.  Each week my whole person changed, grew, released and accepted not only physically but also emotionally. I grew spiritually and emotionally. It was a place of healing for me." - Karen

"Before I worked with Christina I was experiencing a range of issues internally and externally. A while back, I had a period in my life where my skin developed severe acne - something I never really dealt with before. Christina helped me get on a cleanse (gluten free, dairy free, sugar free) for 30 days and then a regular health plan afterwards. It only took a month to start to see results! My skin purged and the bumps subsided. Now my skin is the clearest it’s ever been.  

Months later I was suffering from constant headaches, fatigue, and stomach aches. Overall, I just didn’t feel healthy or energized. She helped me get back on track with a health plan that has done wonders in my life. She helped me make an entire plan - recipes, things to add to my diet that I never knew about, important things my body wasn’t getting, and things I should cut out.

I’ve stuck to the health plan and I have more energy, my headaches are rare, I hardly ever get stomach aches, I haven’t been sick in so long, and overall I just feel healthier. I feel like I have the energy to get through my week and tackle everything each day. It has made such a difference in my life!! Christina is so knowledgable, passionate, and cares deeply for people. She’s supportive and encouraging along the way."  - Ashlee

"I have nothing but the highest regard for Christina.  Her knowledge, her teaching style and her compassion made her a well loved part of the Joy Yoga community.  Christina has an honest and nurturing presence and connects easily with her students.  I highly recommend Christina Hutson for any position where she would be sharing yoga, meditation and mindfulness with students." - Joy - Owner of Joy Yoga