5 Things I’m Loving: Bamboo Clothing and the Importance of "Earthing"

I love hearing about what other people are using and loving, so today I’m sharing another of my top 5! Enjoy!



I’ve been wearing these shoes for the past 3 months and it’s safe to say I live in them. (In fact, most of our belongings are currently packed in a moving pod and these are the only shoes I kept with me!) Earth Runners are unique because they’re minimal and durable, with grounded conductive laces, allowing them to mimic the experience of being barefoot.

*Keep scrolling if you have no interest in learning what “earthing/grounding” is…. :)

What is Earthing/Grounding?

In a nutshell “earthing” or “grounding” means aligning with the electrical current found in the earth. If you’re thinking, “That’s woo woo stuff”…. here’s the science behind it.…
Your cells constantly transmit electrical frequencies in order for your heart, immune system, muscles, and nervous system to function. Think about how paramedics use an electrical current to shock the heart into rhythm, or how you can shock someone after gliding your feet on some surfaces. You contain electricity to some degree. That electrical current is stabilized by the electricity from the earth beneath you. When your electrical current isn’t balanced properly it can cause disfunction like inflammation, pain, stress in the body, poor circulation, susceptibility to disease, etc. You can read more about earthing/grounding here.

So in order to stay “grounded,” it’s good to go barefoot often, but that’s not always possible (or intelligent), so Earth Runners created a shoe to bridge the gap by inserting a copper plug into a minimalist shoe sole that transmits energy from the earth through the laces and into your feet. Beside that, they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, especially if you like feeling barefoot.

I have the Circadian Lifestyle Sandal in black.

*Is “earthing” going to cure all of your pain or make or break your health? Not likely. But I think it’s fascinating, helpful information and worth being mindful of! :)



I’m all about learning about and eliminating harmful chemicals from our household as much as possible. Did you know that the European Union has banned over 1300 chemicals that they consider toxic to human health, and the FDA has only banned eleven. We don’t need to be afraid of every single toxic chemical, because our bodies were created with super powerful detoxification systems, but I do think it’s important to be educated and make choices that benefit our health and our world. I really liking the Ella and Mila nail polish remover sold at Target and on Amazon. It’s free of harmful chemicals that are common to most nail products, gets the job done, and moisturizes your nails.



The Unspoken Podcast is one of my absolute favorites. Miles Adcox and Ruthie Linsey delve into conversations with their guests around brokenness, honesty, and hope. This episode with Bob Goff, the author of Love Does and Everybody Always, is such a wonderful and challenging conversation around loving people well and living with intention and joy.



Men’s, women’s, baby, underwear, stretchy pants, bras, undershirts, socks….all your undergarment dreams come true. I recently found BoodyWear after a long search for the perfect undergarments and I’m hooked. They’re a fair trade company creating clothing essentials using bamboo viscose. Bamboo provides one of the softest yarns on the planet, it’s extremely sustainable and eco friendly, SUPER silky soft, more breathable than cotton, and antibacterial. Winning! They’re a little pricy, but I’m all about investing in quality and comfort that’s durable. I have some increased sensitivity on my skin so I’m pretty picky about how things feel and I give this brand an A+ and highly recommend!


I was feeling really overwhelmed a few days ago and during my quiet time I heard these words in my spirit. They’ve stuck with me and been so comforting. I hope you find comfort in them as well friend.


What’s one product or podcast you’re loving lately? Tell me in the comments below! :)