Cultivating Health Vs Achieving Healing

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Here’s the bottom line.

I fully believe that every person is capable of reaching greater levels of health and growth, in all aspects of life.

Sometimes further health leads to full and complete healing, and other times it takes you further and further into your own personal summit of health, which looks different for everyone.

If you’re focused solely on achieving healing, you might often find yourself derailed and frustrated. When you focus instead on cultivating health, you’ll create fertile soil for progress, because healthy things grow.

Here’s the difference between “achieving healing” and “cultivating health”…

Achieving Healing:

When we fixate on achieving our ideal….health, career, etc, it often leads to feeling frustrated, discouraged, and dissociated from the present, the self, and relationships.

You get lost in comparison, overwhelmed by information of “how to,” and feel chronic guilt for not doing it all. You assume it’s your fault for not figuring it out. One symptom/roadblock leaves, another appears, your obstacles feel unending, and you end the night completely defeated because once again, you didn’t “get there.”

Can you relate?

Your “10” may look very different than someone else’s, and now not only does your desire for full healing feel like it’s been stolen from you, but your daily peace and joy is taken as well. We’re so distracted by achieving healing that we lose sight of the tiny shifts that move us forward.

Cultivating Health:

What if you shifted your goal to daily cultivating health?

This redirects your mission into the present moment, where your focus becomes grounded in tending the soil of today.

If healthy things grow, and your body is constantly being made new, then by cultivating health in your life, you’re setting yourself up for inevitable progress.

At the end of the day, if your goal was to cultivate fertile soil for greater growth, you’ll be able to experience the grateful satisfaction of another day faithfully tilled, rather than the defeat of not yet reaching the “greater goal.”

Here are 3 areas that I have found critical to cultivating fertile soil in order to see progress in my own life.

1. Fertile soil in your body

This means continuously learning how to better partner with the vehicle and temple you’ve been given. This might mean learning more about how your body works, trying new routines, engaging with new forms of therapies or guides, unlearning what you once thought to be true and making room for greater understanding, walking through open doors to take the next best step, or leaning more about how what you consume physically and emotionally affects your body.

You might choose to read massive studies, or you might just decide to choose water over soda. There’s no right or wrong here. It’s all faithful work.

2. Fertile soil in your heart

This means approaching your days with greater awareness and responsibility for what is life-giving and what is not.

It means gently taking care of your needs today and not putting all of your coins into the jar of tomorrow/the miracle/the summit.

It might mean learning habits that usher in more light, choosing to create room for hope, grace, and joy, while also holding and accepting tears, anger, and disappointment. It might mean practicing prayer, mindfulness, or meditation that allows you to become more grounded and expansive.

It’s making space for more light and expansion, less tolerance for darkness, fear, and tension.

3. Fertile soil in your home

Lastly, I believe cultivating health means creating fertile soil in your home by approaching the spaces in your life with greater intention, delight, and presence.

Your “home” is not only the physical space that surrounds you, but also the world you live in, how you choose to engage with your environment, and how you show up for others and let others show up for you.

This might mean creating spaces in your home that bring joy, choosing to use products that you’re educated on and that align with your values, finding corners in nature or in your town that allow you to exhale, becoming aware of how others feel in your presence and how you feel in theirs, and acknowledging your light and passions and sharing them with others.


By faithfully tending the body, heart, and home you’ve been given, you make room for whatever harvest is yours to behold, while not letting the idea of “achieving healing” take you from the harvest of today.

With enough water, the soil of your body, mind, and heart are capable of so much growth. This has been true in my own life through countless symptoms that have been overcome, often not by finding a “cure” but by doing the next best thing and supporting my body to the best of my ability, allowing it to slowly create more life.

Healthy things grow.

So are you ready?

Let’s set down the thousand pound weight of the “ideal” summit and just jump into the water. Water creates growth and growth creates health.

My heart and hope in this season is to create content that empowers you with greater knowledge for supporting your physical body, new truths for your heart to find expansion, and inspiration to create your corner of the world into that which inspires, progresses, nurtures, and supports you as you enter into more of your fullness every day.

You in?

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So much love and light to you,