Does Being Healthy Feel Overwhelming?


Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to get it all right?  Heck, it’s impossible to get even 10% of it right.  And just when you switch from canned beans to boxed beans you learn that sprouted ones are even better.  There’s a radiation blocker for your computer, filters for your bath water, and special UV glasses.  There’s yoga and there’s CrossFit, there’s charcoal toothpaste and there’s oil pulling.  And right when you thought you nailed it, you realize that what worked for one person isn’t working for your body at all.  SIGH.   

We're so fortunate to live in a day and age with access to so much incredible information and things that can absolutely change our lives and our health for the better, in fact I believe it's our responsibility to be constant learners so that we can better ourselves and others.  But it can become a bit muddy when the stress of it all starts wearing on the very health that you're working so hard to attain.  

So your head hits the pillow at night and you wonder (with a little guilt, some frustration, and a whole lot of exhaustion), “Am I getting anything right?”  

Before you throw in the towel, there’s something I want you to know. 

First of all, you aren’t alone.

You might feel like you're the only one not stir frying organic kelp noodles in home-made ghee every night, but really, we’re all on a journey of putting together our own puzzle, un-learning, re-learning, and discovering what wholeness and health means for us personally.

It might feel tempting to give up and retreat to the safe space of “me vs them,” “all or nothing,” or “why even try?”  Unfortunately, that won’t do you any good at all.  But what I've come to find through my own journey of pursuing healing, a whole lot of studying, and working with some incredible women, is that it really can be boiled down to 3 things.....

Did I nourish my body?
Did I move with intention?

Did I love well? 

That’s it. 

At the end of the day, you might not have eaten a perfectly “clean” diet, you may have run out of time for the workout you wanted to do, and you might have dropped the ball on a commitment.  Your symptoms might persist and your outcomes might not feel like they’re adding up to your efforts.  But did you eat satisfying nourishing food?  Did you give your body some movement or some rest?  Did your words and actions show someone that they matter, did you show yourself that YOU matter?

These questions have become a home base for me, and I hope they can be that for you as well.  A place to go when you feel overwhelmed and need to return to the quiet voice inside asking for re-assurance. 

Once you find your footing in a safe space, it frees you to go out and explore.  To gain more insight into your specific needs.  To learn more about your body, nutrition, and emotional well-being, so that you can experience every ounce of wholeness that you were made for.  But without a home base, it’s easy to lose sight of your inner intuition and your unique needs, and ultimately get pulled under.

After all, it’s too much to fall asleep wondering if you might be getting aluminum poisoning from your green beans.  So when you catch yourself entertaining self-condemning thoughts, comparison, or just plain confusion, ask yourself, ”Did I move, did I nourish, did I love?”  If the answer is yes, then sister, you’re doing it.  You’re more whole today than you were yesterday.