A Detox that Might Change Your Life (no green juice needed)


One of my clients recently told me that she started the 6 Month Wholeness Program in hopes of transforming her body, but after months of sessions together, she realized that everything that she was hoping a new body would give her - the beauty, belonging, sense of empowerment, joy, peace - was already residing within her.  It just needed to be unveiled.  As she embraced the woman she is, she started nourishing and moving her body from a place of self-love and respect, rather than in an effort to demand her body give her re-assurance of her value, which it ultimately couldn’t provide.  

So what is it that brings us across the threshold?  What takes women from asking “How can I change to become ‘enough’?”  to embracing our unique beauty and calling in this world and living a life of freedom and fullness?  One of the answers rests in this….

Detox from that which no longer serves you. 

Every day, you see, hear, and experience hundreds of voices that impact you on a core level.  Some of it makes its way to your conscious mind, but a lot of it goes right to your subconscious, making you unaware that it's even affecting you.  These subconscious triggers lead to a life on auto-pilot, feeling “bleh,” spending the day fighting emotional lows, choosing the salad over the savory sandwich that you were really craving, and getting short tempered at the people you love.  Can you relate?  I sure can! 

Here are some of the voices that might be seeping into your life uninvited:

  • Instagram accounts that you follow
  • Blogs that you read
  • Movies or shows you’re watching
  • Websites you scroll through
  • Emails you’re subscribed to
  • Clothing that no longer serves you
  • Music you listen to

Now ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Is this triggering any negative self-talk?  (not doing enough, not successful enough, not pretty enough, not popular enough….)
  2. Does this make me feel more overwhelmed than at peace? 
  3. Do I leave this thing feeling more discouraged than filled up?

Here’s the thing, any of these sources may not necessarily be “bad,” in fact, they’re probably serving a great purpose for some people, but maybe just not for you, and that’s OK!  One person might read a blog and feel empowered while another could read the same thing and feel guilty that they aren’t accomplishing as much.  A dress might have at one point made you feel awesome, and now it tempts you to control your size in order to keep wearing it.  A song may have made you feel overjoyed at one time in your life, but now it makes you long for a space that you can’t and won’t ever be able to return to.  A friend might have great intentions about her new workout or diet plan and be sharing her success with the world, but if it makes you feel like you’re not measuring up or should go run 15 miles asap, it might be helpful to stop following her photos and still love her just as much and celebrate her in other ways!

Words, photos, fabric…. these things don’t deserve to have power over your emotions and well-being.  And they CERTAINLY don’t deserve to tell you who who you are or who you aren’t.  

Here’s the bottom line….start asking yourself, “Is this life-giving?”  If the answer is no, turn it off, unfollow, unsubscribe, donate the clothes.  The more you purge your life of what brings you down, the more you make room for what fills you up, what inspires you to make your mark on this world, what makes you feel like the beautiful, irreplaceable, vibrant woman who you were created to be. 

So let’s clear out the dust and make more room for the light, shall we?

If you're ready to discover your beauty, belonging, and empowerment, rather than be distracted by fog and subconscious triggers, book a free Discovery Session so we can chat!  You were made to feel fully alive!