The real deal with toxins and 7 Simple ways to Avoid them


Toxins are a huge buzz word.  And most of the information out there leaves readers full of fear because the main message is: toxins are everywhere, they’re unavoidable, and they cause cancer and other disease…. maybe you’ve read some of that too?  A lot of it is true and valid BUT fear is not where we need to reside. 

The bad news is, toxins ARE harmful and they ARE everywhere.  But the good news is that your body is a toxin fighting MACHINE.  Your liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin are busy at work every second of your life defending you against harmful substances.  Your mouth is full of good bacteria and saliva, your digestive tract is coated with mucus and microorganisms, your eyes create tears, your nose and ears are lined with tiny hairs, and your stomach creates defensive acid that could burn through your carpet....all to combat toxins.  You’re kinda a super hero.  So before you get too overwhelmed or fearful about toxins, let’s keep it in the context that your body is working on your behalf.  Deal?

Now that that’s settled, it would be naive to totally disregard toxins, because it’s our job to steward our bodies the best we know how, and that means taking reasonable measures to lighten its work load so that the body can stay strong.  

So what even are toxins?

They’re essentially products of living organisms (plant, animal, fungi, etc) that become poisonous substances and human carcinogens.  They can cause disease, brain deterioration, early puberty, infertility, nerve damage, and more.  Among many things, they can be found in the air you breathe, water you drink, food you eat, and things that come into contact with your skin.  They’re used in manufactured product because they’re cheap, create pleasing effects like good taste, smooth, shiny or soft allure, or act as food preservatives.  The U.S. laws aren’t very active in our favor, as only about 10% of known toxins have been banned from industry use.  

You can find lists online for all the sources of toxins…but you’ll be reading a llllooooonnnnnnggggg list.  So I want to give you a few ways to remove toxins starting today.  Once you have these down, you can delve deeper, but starting small is key, because stress is toxic in a whole other way!  So educate yourself, choose what areas feel most important to you, and take action in ways that feel do-able for your lifestyle. 

7 Simple Ways to Remove Toxins from Your Home:

  1. Use a filter on your drinking water and ditch the plastic water bottles
  2. Use a filter on your shower head….because toxins absorb through your skin, so you want to clean yourself in clean water
  3. Replace plastic (even BPA), aluminum, and non-stick kitchenware with stainless steel, ceramic, or glass pots and pans so that you’re eating only the food you purchased and not the substances leaching off your pans! 
  4. Trade your household cleaners (dish soap, surface cleaner, laundry soap, dryer sheets, etc) for trusted toxin free sources
    ---The term “natural” isn’t regulated by the U.S. so it really doesn’t do anything for the authority of an “all natural” soap.  Sneaky label…yes.  Helpful label…no.
    ---You can make them with essential oils, or find a trusted brand.  Seventh Generation (though not perfect) is among the better options that I’ve found for in-store brands, and Common Good is a great source too.  There are a lot out there! 
  5.  Use toxin free skincare and cosmetics
    ---Along with the obvious, shampoo, body soap, face wash, lotions, makeup…this also includes deodorant, sunscreen, self-tanners, nail polish, nail polish removers, and perfumes!
    ---My favorite for quality, standards, and performance is Beauty Counter.  There are quite a few good companies rising up.
    ---Mineral Fusion nail polish is a great option and can be found online or at Whole Foods
    ---Pacifica perfume uses essential oils and natural oils from around the world and can be found online or at Whole Foods or Sprouts
  6.  Purchase organic food as often as possible
    ---soil treated with toxins impacts the food we eat
  7. Ditch generic candles and room fresheners and replace them with ones made with essential oils and soy wax
    ---One of my favorites is Rewind Candles

You can find some of my other favorite products on my Product Recommendation page.

What ways have you removed toxins from your home?  What are your favorite brands and products?  Share below in the comments!