What Acceptance has Taught Me


I wrote a post on IG a couple weeks ago about moving from controlling to accepting.  Every morning I started sitting with a cup of coffee and repeating "I accept. I am not afraid. I am free."  

It's changed my heart. 

When we acknowledge that life ebbs and flows with highs and lows, it frees us to just take one day at a time, doing the very best with what's in front of us.  Acceptance does not = Giving up.  Acceptance means acknowledging that it's ok to break over and over again as a part of the renewing.  Because our 'daily bread' IS enough to live a really whole and beautiful life.

You and I, we can celebrate in the ebb and the flow, knowing that the waves are what smooth the stones. 

After that post, I was majorly challenged to practice it.  (Bummer that that's usually how it goes right ;)....

Stephen and I went to Kauai earlier this month for our 5 year anniversary, and it was a huge celebration of healing.  SO much of my body has healed over the past years, but there's still a cluster of symptoms that await restoration.  And that week they just...left.  But once we came home something about the environment/terrain change did some wonky things to those system and within 24 hours I was under a wave that felt even heavier than before.  Because for a week I'd exchanged my steel toed boots for ballet slippers.  Ya know that feeling?  So we're working out of it and it's led us to some really important information that will ultimately be for gain.  But man, those waves.  

So maybe January was a beacon month for you, full of celebration and freedom.
Maybe it was kinda a bummer, because you're....human. 
Or maybe, and probably, it was....both. 

And that's ok too.  The height of the wave is what allows us all to experience the height of the mountain.  Everything belongs.  Keep celebrating the good.  Hold space for the hard.  And keep going friend, because the tide always leads you back to shore, even more refined than before.